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“Working with a person as cordial, confident, capable and caring as Susan Detz, rendered departing from my home (of 31 years) as smooth a process as can be imagined. Susan met every one of my anxieties with reassurance and solid information, whenever I most needed it. She kept every appointment on time, followed through on every promise, answered every query of mine. Her connections with vendors and work persons were invaluable, as I put my elderly house in order.  Most important, she was thorough, leaving no stone unturned, no issue unexamined. And I felt at many points that her many years’ worth of experience was indispensable, as I had to make various decisions regarding the sale. 

“This was as close to having my hand held — literally and figuratively as I’ve known in any business transaction, and I’ll always be grateful to Susan for putting me at ease, as I dealt with the grief of losing my husband and the necessity of selling my beloved property at a good price.  She is that perfect blend one hopes for — both sensitive and firm, helping one keep one’s sanity while in the throes of a gargantuan life transition. You won’t find a better Realtor than Susan Detz.”

-- Kristina N., November 2021

“We have been guided and advised by Susan for the purchase of three condos and recently on a sale. Her professional approach and detailed information on the market and comps led to three very successful transactions. Susan kept us fully informed on all transactions and helped to resolve all issues as we moved to the closings. It has been our pleasure working with Susan.”

-- Susan and Ron H., September 2021

“We started working with Susan a full year before we actually sold our house. She arranged for garden photos during the summer, when everything was at its most glorious, and she worked with us on strategy for where (and where not) to touch up, on staging, and on market timing. She helped us select a super-good buyer from the offers we received, and she attended to every little nit and grit of getting our ‘in absentia’ deal to close as scheduled – inspections, appraisal visits, watering plants, even making a special trip just to verify that there was a spare key in our agreed hiding place. Well done!”

-- Peg and Steve S., April 2020

“Our choice to have Susan Detz be our seller’s agent was one of the best decisions we have ever made. She anticipated our concerns, offered great advice, and facilitated solutions at every point, all of which worked to make the sale of our condo a success. Her integrity, thoroughness, and good common sense made it a joy to work with her. I kept saying ‘Susan, you go above and beyond’ to which she always replied, ‘just doing my job.’ She does it very well.”

-- Ellen and Scott G., November 2019

“It has been a real pleasure working with Susan. She is the consummate professional -- always responsive, helpful, knowledgeable.  I felt that she always had my interests at heart. She truly had my back.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell.  You won’t be disappointed!”

-- Jennifer B., February 2019

"We decided to work with Susan Detz to purchase our dream home. 

“We didn’t realize it would be such a long journey together -- highs and lows -- and we are happy we had Susan holding our hands throughout this journey which stretched over 2 1/2 years. Susan was attentive, supportive and highly knowledgeable of the market and the properties. 

“She gave us sound advice that we couldn’t have found elsewhere and definitely not with online brokers. 

“Susan is PATIENT, she sincerely cared about our needs and avoided pushing us to close on a deal that we didn’t want and that was wrong for us. On top of it all Susan is a real mensch; when push came to shove she delivered on the closing despite some challenges. 

“We highly recommend Susan as your next Realtor.”

-- Michael N., January 2019